The Claridge

319 South Tenth Street | Philadelphia, PA 19107

THE CLARIDGE is the finest apartment building in the Washington Square West area of Center City, Philadelphia, with a total of 17 apartments. The location is in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia within easy walking distance to the finest of shops and restaurants on Walnut Street and on Locust Street, to funky shopping on South Street, to The Avenue Of The Arts on Broad Street, to theaters, to Penns Landing on the waterfront, to Antique Row on which it fronts on Pine Street and to all the other attractions of Center City, Philadelphia.

Public transportation is excellent, with bus service in all four directions, either at the corner or just one block away. Take a bus or walk to the subway.

The residents are predominantly professional; there are no undergraduate students.






Efficiency 0/1300-500$895-1195Floor Plan
Large Efficiency0/1300-500$895-1195Floor Plan
1 Bedroom1/1500-800$1295-1495Floor Plan
1 Bedroom – 2 Story Maisonette1/1500-800$1450-1695Floor Plan
2 Bedroom – 2 Story Maisonette1/1800-1100 $1450-1695 Floor Plan

Amenities Include

Free Fitness Center nearby
High-speed Internet available
Top security including card access
Beautiful hardwood floors
Laundry room
Large basement storage closets

Pet Information

Up to 2 cats permitted
$25/mo. pet rent
Sorry, no dogs permitted

The Claridge Stairway
Downstairs at The Claridge
The Claridge Building


In 1972 the building was vacated and it eventually came under the control of The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority who put it out to bid for developers. What the Authority was primarily interested in was the plan each developer/bidder proposed to transform this building into an asset for the community. The bid with the best plan would win almost regardless of the bid price.

There were seven bids. The Redevelopment Authority chose the bid by Al Shapiro, even though the bid price was at the minimum. It selected this bid because its plan was “superior”: it was based on removing the rickety elevator (the building was too small to economically support a modern elevator), and having only duplexes on the third and fourth floors. Consequently there are no fourth floor apartments.

Al Shapiro gutted the entire building to the point where you could stand in the basement and see the sun or the stars. Then he started rebuilding. All that’s left of the original structure are the exterior stone and brick walls and the concrete-encased steel columns and beams that form the structural skeleton. Even many of the joists have been replaced. For all intents and purposes the building is a new one as of 1978, and totally modern and up-to-date.

The rebuilding went well beyond the typical rehabilitation for apartment buildings, with such refinements as:

  • oak hardwood floors with a natural finish in each apartment
  • mahogany doors
  • for sound-conditioning: walls with staggered studs and double layers of thicker fire-rated dry-wall on each side of each wall plus ceiling dry-wall hung on resilient channels
  • laundry rooms on two of the three floors instead of in the basement
  • dishwashers in all apartments, even efficiencies, except for the two smallest ones
  • lots of closet space, plus a large private walk-in closet (not a see-through “storage locker”) in the basement for each apartment;
  • a security system that includes not only a high-tech intercom, and card access, but also a CCTV so that tenants can screen their guests on their own TV set in color; etc.
  • Hi-Speed Internet access is available at tenant’s option.

After the total re-hab, in 1978, with its luster restored, THE CLARIDGE once again opened its doors. It was now an ultra-modern apartment building and an asset to the community. It continues under the same ownership and management.

The maisonettes, in particular, deserve special mention. They are two-story apartments with living-room and kitchen downstairs and bedroom(s) and bathroom upstairs. This layout provides much more character and personality than the typical “cookie-cutter” apartment. It feels more like a small house; therefore we call them maisonettes (French for a small house).
Free Fitness Center

THE NEWPORT’S free Fitness Center is unusual in the respect that such well equipped centers are usually found only in much larger buildings when found at all. The equipment provided has been selected to provide for exercising the entire body. The cardio, and resistance-training equipment includes:

  • Two ellipticals
  • Two treadmills
  • One recumbent bicycle
  • One leg extension
  • One leg curl
  • One leg press
  • One back-extension
  • One cable crossover with adjustable pulleys
  • One adjustable bench

The cable crossover is a very versatile and flexible machine. By itself it can be used to exercise most sections of the body. It is excellent for all upper body workouts.

The Fitness Center is open to residents 24/7.


THE CLARIDGE is owner-managed. It provides prompt and courteous service. Repairs are done without delay. The management and the staff are attentive to the concerns of the residents. The goal is to do whatever can reasonably be done to keep the residents happy.

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