About Us

Since 1967

In 1967 we completed the reconstruction of what had been a rather unsavory shell, into nine very attractive apartments at 935-7-9 Lombard Street in Philadelphia. They rented quickly and so we undertook managing the property to maintain it in first class condition and to keep our residents happy.


Since then we have continued buying shells and neglected apartment buildings:

  • Beekman Place
  • Greenwood Terrace
  • The Newport

and reconstructing or rehabilitating them into prime residences. Instead of just a “cosmetic” treatment so we can quickly sell, we acquire and rehab properties for the long term. Because we hold for the long term, we want to be sure everything is done just right, because if it isn’t it’ll create problems in the future. We are known even among our competitors for superior construction and maintenance.

Owner Managed

We are owner-managed. We are not controlled from some remote corporate headquarters. Everything is under the watchful eyes of the owner. We don’t rely on brokers; we don’t have to satisfy partners, investors or associates. Instead, we concentrate on satisfying our residents. Operating our fine apartment buildings is not just one of our businesses, or our primary business. It is our only business!


If you’ve read Tom Peter’s best seller, “In Search of Excellence”, (a book about the characteristics and attributes that distinguish the excellent companies from the mediocre) you have a pretty good idea of how we operate:

The customer, i.e., each resident, is king,
We treat our staff and service people with respect,
Whatever the task, we perform it with pride,
We deliver performance, not excuses.
Professional & Personal

We have a professional and experienced staff to provide excellent service but we’re small enough to provide it on a personal basis. Erica, Chris, Ernest and Andres are there to keep our tenants comfortable. We have been satisfying our residents since 1967. Many have referred friends and family to us for an apartment (for which we show our appreciation with a $250 thank you).

Superior Service & Attentiveness

In looking for an apartment you can see the neighborhood, the building and the apartment. What you usually can’t see is how you’ll be treated after you move in. But with us, you can see that, too. Over the years we have received countless unsolicited letters from our tenants thanking us for our superior service and attentiveness. You can see some of their comments on the testimonials page.

Boutique Apartment Buildings

If you’re looking for a distinctive apartment home with character and with personalized service in the very best locations, one of our boutique apartment buildings may be just right for you.